Sunday, 30 July 2017

IS CAPITALISM GOOD FOR US?! - radio debate between SSP v. Adam Smith Institute

Last week, Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson declared that capitalism is good for us all!
She believes that all it requires is better, bolder leadership from her own party in putting the case for capitalism.
In her words, to "Ctrl + Alt + Del: Conservatives must reboot capitalism".

BBC Radio Scotland took up this theme - and asked me to represent the case for socialism against capitalism, on behalf of the Scottish Socialist Party, in a short debate against the founder and president of the right wing Adam Smith Institute, Madsen Pirie.

When I accused him of being "the high priest of Thatcherism" and all the atrocities against working class communities which that capitalist creed imposed, Madsen gleefully claimed to be "the high priest of capitalism"!

Here's the link to the 7-minute debate yesterday morning (29th July) on BBC Radio Scotland.

The debate starts at 1 hour 35 minutes into the Good Morning Scotland broadcast.

And hopefully I've overcome a technical problem and you can click here to listen to the MP3 recording of just the debate item itself.

Feel free to comment on and share this brief clash over whether Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson's claims to capitalism being good for us are justified!!

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