Friday, 18 October 2013

GRANGEMOUTH SHOWDOWN: defend workers' rights from gangster capitalists

A very important Demo has been called this Sunday 20th October at 12noon at Gate 4, (Bo'ness Road) of the INEOS plant in Grangemouth.

It's been called by the UNITE union, in support of workers facing crucifixion and blackmail at the hands of asset-stripping gangster capitalists.
See below the latest news from the union itself.
Everyone possible should attend.

This is shaping up to be one of the most critical and significant battlegrounds in Scotland for a while. Without having time to elaborate all aspects, we have:

1. A tax-dodging Swiss-based venture capitalist in cahoots with the primitive capitalists of the Chinese Communist Party bureaucracy - as the joint owners of INEOS - out to crush the rights of Scottish workers.

2. They have issued an ultimatum that unless workers sign a new set of contract conditions, with attacks on shift payments, bonuses and pensions that add up to £10,000 a worker, by this MONDAY 21st, they will keep the plant shut down that supplies Scotland and Northern England virtually all its petrol and diesel.

3. They have shut down the plant despite UNITE the union agreeing not only to cancel this weekend's 48 hour strike, but also to pledge no strikes until at least New Years Eve, provided INEOS reopen production.

4. The asset strippers say the place is worthless and loss making, and needs huge investment from taxpayers, or else it will close down altogether. They are using this blackmail to extort millions out of the government. Expert economists hired by UNITE have exposed all manner of 'creative book-keeping' to paint a false picture of the site's fortunes.

5. This begs several questions, including why should we allow society (as well as its own workforce) to be blackmailed over the future of Scotland's biggest industrial site?
It raises the whole issue of public ownership of all energy production and supplies - something of course neither Labour nor the SNP have raised, but is longstanding SSP policy.

6. We need an independent Scotland that enshrines the most advanced protection of workers' rights in Europe, to prevent this kind of shoddy dictatorship by asset-stripping venture capitalists being possible.
We need an independent Scotland with the powers to nationalize these assets - and if as they claim it's worthless, that removes any issue of 'the cost of compensation'!

This is another ugly exposure of the heart of capitalism, fangs bared as they devour workers' rights and public funds for private profit. It underlines why working people need public ownership and socialism as well as Scottish independence.


From Unite the Union latest news:

Unite to Ineos: Lift your threats to the Grangemouth workers so plant can restart

18 October 2013

Union calls again on Ineos to return to Acas talks

Pat Rafferty, Unite's Scottish secretary, called again on Ineos to abandon its plans to impose detrimental new terms on its Grangemouth workforce and to instead reopen the plant and return to mediated negotiations to secure the site's future: “At Acas talks earlier this week, Unite committed to conducting no industrial action ballots or industrial action before 31 December 2013.

“This was on the basis that the company would not impose cuts on the workforce during the same period. Unite also proposed that these negotiations over the future of the site during this period would be held under the auspices of Acas.

“Today, if the company lifts the cuts agenda that it is imposing on its workers, then our offer still stands. If the company can provide that guarantee then there is no reason why the plant cannot return to production and both parties can return to negotiations immediately to secure the future of Grangemouth.

“But it is absolutely vital that Ineos removes its threats to the workforce immediately. We cannot work on a secure future for the site while the workforce is in fear for their jobs".

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